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Geniatech computing solution providers is an efficient brand to deliver its customers innovative products and services for software and hardware preparations based on the operating systems. With its certified manufacturing services and best application designs, Geniatech can be able to design useful computing features like Single Board Computers, Raspberry Pi-like Computers, Industrial Motherboard, AI Development Board, Nano Carrier Band, and many more. It can also provide the best ecosystem for your TV platforms and smart phones, and other useful devices that can be helpful in operating your home appliances. Additionally, it can deliver helpful operating equipment for constructing industrial sensors and IoT gateways. Click here to see more.

From this page, you can get a catalogue of products that Geniatech computing solution providers can manufacture, along with their useful features, so, read out till the end.

Geniatech Products You Should Know

Geniatech provides products and services for computing software and hardware preparations. Scroll down to get a complete catalogue of Geniatech products. You can also learn about their useful features and proper applications from these descriptive details.

1. Single Board Computers

The Single Board Computers provided by Geniatech is featured with a rich interface, powerful performance, and high stability proficiencies. It’s based on a new epoch flagship processor, with a high memory containing capability, it’s mainboard supports 8K video encoder and decoder, and this computing system, supports various operating systems including mainstream in-depth learning frameworks. This type of single-embedded board can be applied to edge computing, ARM PC, and also to cloud servers.

2. Raspberry Pi-like Computers

Raspberry Pi-like Computer products produced by Geniatech are specifically designed to facilitate students, especially teenagers. Its function is to form factor related to Raspberry Pi. As per the   Raspberry Pi function definition, this kind of computing systems have been designed in the purpose of programming education for teenagers. It’s also prepared for retail, interactive communications.

3. Industrial Motherboard

The Industrial Motherboard provided by Geniatech computing solution providers is intelligent enough to give extreme output and stability, it contains built-in dual core GPU, 64-bit RK3568, and high output NPU. This motherboard can support 8G DDR4, and Android 11 or Linux. This board can support Mic arrany, and many more other features that create it capable to realize the operations of far-field speech, echo elimination, noise suppression, and more.

4. Development Board

The Development Boards designed by Geniatech is made to function for third party testing or development, it can also be equipped with the screen straightly, this high-cost performance motherboard is designed with LPDDR4X high-cost performance. They also contain low power touch screen mode, which can efficiently decrease the capacity of power consumption of product. Besides, it has many more useful applications.

5. Nano Carrier Band

The Nano Carrier Band provided by Geniatech is powerful and work-efficient AI development board. It has been designed to fulfill the entry-level AI application and device requirements. With its outstanding latest features and capabilities, it can produce countless of small and energy-efficient AI systems. It welcomes the embedded IoT applications techniques that deliver superior energy efficiency and speed to the embedded AI computing devices.


The Geniatech computing solution product and service provider is working continuously to provide the best computing system that can satisfy their customer’s needs. It’s variety of product available with useful features has created a worldwide satisfied consumer circle for Geniatech solutions. from big enterprises to small household device solutions, Geniatech always provides its best services.

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